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The third Report view displays on-line reports on the project's tests.

Report view.PNG

The main focus of this view is to provide on-line statistics for Test leads and all other stakeholders . Handful of visible charts provide absolute and relevant values on numbers and percentages of tests and bugs accordingly with their statuses, dates of creation and so on. 

There is also a possibility to view a separate Status Report from Execute view


Organizer on Report view becomes Selector since it can be used only for switching between test-runs and selecting folders. Be aware of ability to select more than one folder at the time (via check-boxes).


The main board of the view is given over to charts: Percentage of passed tests, Total number of tests, Number of tests created per day, Number of tests executed per day, Tests breakdown, Number of linked bugs, Number of bugs created per day. The list of issues that are treated as Bugs could be configured in project administration >> Bug configuration

They display data for one week, two weeks or one month period.

Pay attention that in one month you can loose history of changes reflected on charts unless you close the given test-run. By closing test-runs some sort of reports snapshot are created (within a closing date - one month in a past period).

Drill-down and JQL[]

All colorful charts are clickable, so in one click you can get a JQL search list with appropriate issues under each graphic.Moreover there are direct links for each test and bug statuses there.

Moreover you can get direct URL on each chart (just scroll the page to specific one and copy a dynamically changed URL) to share with teammates or to put in reports.



In case you need to download the given test-run report - find Export drop-down at the right corner of the page. It's fully customized so you are able to generate any set of charts in PDF file (and your selection will persist). That is really easy.

XLS (project stats) thing is your whole project status report with all ever created tests and their statuses. So please wait a bit in order to get it downloaded :)