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In general on-line reports on the project's tests are displayed on Report view. However it is also possible to pick the needed scope of Test cases and review a Status Report.

Entry point for new report page you can find on the Execute view. Just select test run, press right mouse button and choose "Report" item from context menu list. And Status report will open in a new tab.

In version 3.9.0 Report will be separated for manual tests and automated tests, so statistics could be refined by test type.

This page aims to provide up to date information about test coverage and test execution status for selected test run. There are following charts: Test coverage, Test execution status, Test execution status (by folder), Test execution status (by requirement), Test execution status (by component).

Page title[]

On the top of Status Report page you will find a title with a selected test run name and a given date.

Test coverage[]

Shows how many opened requirements in a project (within the given test-run) are covered with at least one test case. Covered means that a test case has an issue set as a requirement in "Test requirement" field.

The list of issues that are treated as Requirements could be configured in Requirement Panel for the current Test Run

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Test execution status[]

Shows overall statistics of TCs statuses in a selected test run.

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Bug Report (by priority)[]

The list of issues that are treated as Bugs could be configured in project administration >> Bug configuration

Bug Report.JPG

Test composition by label[]

Shows top 10 labels which are linked to the test cases in the particular TR. If there are more than 10 labels linked to test cases they will be merged into one named "Other.."


Test execution status by folder[]

Shows folder structure of TR with statistics of TCs statuses for each folder up to third level of nesting. Folders which are deeper than third level are added to their parent.

Test Execution Status (by folder).JPG

Test execution status by requirement[]

Shows TCs statuses statistics per Jira issues set as a requirement in "Test requirement" field. Requirements are grouped by prevailing test status (in order to get quick overview of requirements`s readiness). Pay attention that only not closed requirements are displayed.

The list of issues that are treated as Requirements could be configured in Requirement Panel for the current Test Run

Requirement grouped.png

Test execution status by component[]

Shows TCs statuses statistics per components set to test cases separately or by mass operation in Copy to run dialog.

Test Status Report (by component).JPG

Drill-down and JQL[]

From 3.4.7 version all colorful charts are clickable, so in one click you can get a JQL search list with appropriate issues under each graphic.

Moreover you can get direct URL on each chart (just scroll the page to specific one and copy a dynamically generated URL) to share with teammates or to put in reports.